Matthew Wallace Wines

It only took
170 years
to get here

A farm to barrel philosophy designed to let each site shine

Inspired by the pioneering spirit that brought our predecessors here in 1852. For us, it’s always been about the land. With 6 generations of Napa farmers behind us, we’re elevating the art and maximizing each block.

Illustration of a bear, bull and bird spinning a wheel with a 7 pointed star
Old work shed with tools, signage, antlers and a skull

Obsessed with Process

Helmed by the industry’s best.

When Matt Hardin and Thomas Rivers Brown team up, it’s the real deal. Like a dinner invitation at a chef’s home, these are the wines industry pros make on their own.

Matt Hardin Driving

Grounded in Geology
and Soil Science

Soil in hand

Mastering Napa County’s

Vineyard in late afternoon

Growing Wines
with a Sense of Place

Matt Hardin standing by back of pickup truck with dog
Hardin road sign and horns on wall

Single origin
wines with
true terroir

From Stags Leap District to still wild corners of Napa County. Drink in where we’re from.

“I thought that by creating a wine label, I would inevitably become a better farmer, I would see the entire circle of my fruit. From the land which I farm to your glass. There is no more perfect way to judge a farmer than by the product which he creates out of the soil he has been entrusted with.”
- Matt Hardin, Grower

Hardin Ranch

Once owned by the Hardin family matriarch, this vineyard represents some of the best Sauvignon Blanc country in California.

Often reserved for pricier varietals, the loamy soils and diurnal temperature swings at Hardin Ranch create an unexpected, elevated profile.

Matt Hardin Block 2 sign and vines

Section 15

For Matt, Section 15 feels like home. It’s part of the Wallace Ranch, where he grew up, and the first vineyard he ever managed.

It’s planted in classic clone 7 Cabernet Sauvignon where alluvial and colluvial soils collide on the banks of Pope Creek.

Closeup of Section 15 vines

Block 1
Regusci Vineyard

Regusci Block 1 overlooks the Napa Valley from the hills of Stag’s Leap District. It’s a slice of Alicia’s childhood home and family property.

The site is located on the shoulder of a western facing slope and planted in a sexy, mid-90s rootstock and clone 15 combo.

Man walking in vineyard looking at vines with hills in background