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Soil from Hardin Ranch
Hardin Ranch
Sauvignon Blanc

Nestled in the flats of Pope Valley on the morning side of Howell Mountain, Hardin Ranch occupies a remote corner of Napa. Wispy morning fog brushes the vineyard’s edges, while near-constant sunlight evokes bright fruit flavor and plunging nighttime temperatures preserve buzzing acidity.

Others might’ve reserved the vineyard’s loamy soils for pricey Cabernet. Not us. Over years working the property, we’ve discovered that it’s perfect for producing Sauvignon Blancs that pair California vibrancy with the texture and depth of fine Bordeaux Blanc—a balance you’ll rarely find elsewhere in Napa.

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Site Notes
VineyardHardin Ranch
AVANapa Valley
Year Planted2000
Total Acres5.78
Soil TypeTehama
Row Direction49 Degrees
Elevation630-650 feet
Spacing5 x 11
Section 15 Soil Sample
Section 15
Cabernet Sauvignon

There’s the Napa Valley you know, then there’s Section 15. Hidden in rolling hills, surrounded by ancient oak trees, it’s a secluded grape-growing paradise. You won’t hear the bustle of Highway 29 here—just birds warbling, insects flitting, and wind sweeping the tall grasses as temperatures drop with the setting sun. It’s pure, peaceful, and bursting with exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon.

No one knows this site like grower Matt Hardin. He was born and raised here, so he’s had his hands in the alluvial and colluvial soils since he was a kid. So he knows exactly how the Clone 7 Cabernet develops a stunning depth of flavor in the Pope Valley’s sweltering afternoons, and acidic structure during cool nights. At once vibrant and intricate, this wine pairs classic Napa refinement with a touch of wild exuberance.

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Site Notes
VineyardSection 15
AVANapa Valley
Year Planted1999
Total Acres16.21
Soil TypeYolo Loam
Row Direction350 Degrees
Elevation595-607 feet
Spacing5.5 x 11
Soil from Regusci Vineyard
Block 1
Regusci Vineyard
Cabernet Sauvignon

Stags Leap District’s Regusci Vineyard occupies some of Napa Valley’s most historic property, land that growers have coveted for nearly a century. Backed up against the Eastern Hillside, it’s punctuated by rocky outcroppings that absorb heat during the day and release it overnight, letting grapes ripen slowly as they develop complexity.

We walked the rows, tested the soils, tasted the fruit, and out of those 238 exquisite acres, we picked 1.5 of the absolute best. Well-draining volcanic soils define the plot, stressing the vines into bringing forth densely concentrated Cabernet Sauvignon. Benchmark, flagship, exemplar—whatever you want to call it, this is a seriously powerful, opulent bottle.

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Site Notes
Year Planted1997
Total Acres5.22
Soil TypeBale Clay Loam
Row Direction58 Degrees
Elevation89-139 feet
Spacing4 x 10
Rootstock101 - 14
TrellisingSplit Quad